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Your Life - Your Story

Don’t leave the pain and stress of planning your funeral to your loved ones.

Let us help you plan it now.

So What Happens?

When it’s your turn

Imagine you’re sitting in on your own funeral family visit. The Celebrant is taking notes.

You haven’t left funeral instructions and family don’t know what you want for your funeral service.

When it comes to your Eulogy each has different memories about your life.

There are gaps missing and they don’t know what your life was like as a child, a teenager or before you got married. 

Loved ones become distressed and upset. At the funeral, the eulogy is sadly incomplete.

Elements of your life lost forever. Your loved ones will never know the full story of ‘you’.

Every funeral starts with Funeral Instructions

Don’t leave it to your loved one’s.

Let us take your funeral instructions today……It’s FREE.

Note – We do not sell Funeral Insurance plans.

This is Why

Why Plan Ahead?

Arranging a funeral is not easy – every service is different.

We need to produce:

  1. A running order for the funeral director.
  2. Agree a format for the funeral service.
  3. What will be included.
  4. Who will be making a contribution.
  5. Build a Eulogy for a loved one.
  6. Decide on a design for the Order of Service.
  7. Produce the complete funeral service.

All this, in a two hour meeting with a Celebrant.

To help you understand, we have a series of 9 FREE information packs.

They not only cover arranging a funeral, but also dying and the law, your digital footprint, taxes and family estate and much, much more.


Helping you plan your funeral

Funeral Instructions

Ease the burden on your family

Write up your funeral instructions in advance 

Take the pain away

Life Story - Write Up

Every funeral is structured around the Eulogy. 

Make sure that your Eulogy is complete and have your life story written up 

Bespoke Funeral Service

We will combine your Instructions and life story together in a bespoke funeral service for you. 

When you have approved you will receive a bound copy

Celebration of life Event

How often we hear ‘If only I had said I loved you before they died’.

Celebrate a special birthday with a Celebration of Life party.  A sort of ‘This is Your Life’.  

My Life Story

Celebrate the story of your life on video in your own words and with your photos.

This is the ultimate legacy gift for all your family – a 45-minute video.

Funeral Plans

Save your family the worry and stress of organising your funeral. 

Save them the expense too, with a safe, fully protected pre-paid funeral plan

we'll help you with the decisions

When arranging a funeral for a loved one - there are many decisions.

  • Music?
  • Poems?
  • Who will be making a tribute?
  • Prayers?
  • Committal music?
  • Flowers?
  • Where will the reception be?
  • Donations to whom?
  • Which funeral director
  • Readings?
  • Cremation or Burial?
Got any questions - use the contact form below or call 01234 413030.
Your funeral done your way

No-one knows you better than you

Who knows your life story best and who’s best placed to choose the stories to tell and those to leave out?

The answer, of course, is YOU.

Why leave your funeral arrangements until after you’ve gone.

Giving your next of kin only a matter of days to organise the ceremony?

We know funerals and we know families. We understand the grieving process and it’s our mission to support families through this most difficult of times.

We will hold your hand and use our experience to guide you through writing up of your funeral instructions.

Then help you produce your Eulogy and finally plan and write up your complete bespoke funeral service for your approval.

Take the pain and heartbreak away from your loved ones today.

The funeral you want

When The Time Comes, We’ll support Your Next Of Kin. We’ll Make Sure That Your Funeral Is The One You Want – Not The One That Others May Think You Want.
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Start planning your funeral today

Don't let your loved ones go through all the pain

As people have lost parents through the COVID-19, pandemic, more people than ever before are realising the value of planning their funeral.

Planning is bringing families together and gives them complete peace of mind knowing in advance what their parents want for their funeral.

Most importantly, when the time comes, they do not have to worry about a thing as everything has been done.

They can focus on their own grief.

FREE Information Packs

We’d like to welcome you to Create My Legacy

There are 9 information packs available

Our packs include so much information and  will give your family a comprehensive and sensitive explanation of everything they need to do when you pass away.

Information Packs Includes:
  1. Dying & the Law.
  2. A list of everything you need to know.
  3. ​Understanding the administration involved.
  4. The importance of leaving funeral instructions.
  5. Tax & Family Estate.
  6. Your digital footprint.
  7. Online social legacy – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.
  8. Online banking – who has responsibility?
  9. Email accounts.
support and guidance when planning a funeral