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Funeral Instructions

The day you pass away

Imagine, if you will, the day of your passing – hopefully, a day that’s far in the future. What a stressful and challenging time for your close family.

So much to arrange. So much to think about. So many questions to answer. So much pain…… all this in a 2 hour meeting with your Celebrant.

Take the pain away and let us write up your funeral instructions.

Cost – £80.00 ………………………………………………………………………


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Eulogy Writing

It’s the day of your funeral. Family and friends are listening to the eulogy – the story of your life. Yet, there are big gaps, your life as a child, a teenager and young adult are missing. It’s nobody’s fault they did not know.

The fact remains that it’s Your Life – Your Story. Create My Legacy makes sure that your life is celebrated, your full story is remembered, in the manner of your choosing.

The fee for this invaluable service – £125.00

If you would like to have your Eulogy written up. Use the Contact form below or call us on 01234 413030.

Complete Bespoke Funeral Package

We have your funeral instructions, and your eulogy.

We are happy to ‘produce’ your complete bespoke funeral service.

It will be sent to you for approval. Once approved we will send you a copy and notify your Next of Kin with instruction on what to do what the time comes.

Cost: £135.00

If you would like to have your Complete Funeral written up. Use the Contact form below.
Crematorium funeral service
Celebration of Life

Celebration of Life

A Celebration of Life event.

As a Celebrant we often hear loved ones say….. “if only I’d said I loved them before they diedor The greatest regret I will have for the rest of my life is not having said…..I love you.

How sad it is that what has been left unsaid is so often a source of such regret. Well, it needn’t be. The answer lies in the concept of having a Celebration of Life event or party. Imaging a special birthday party where family and friends come together to honour and celebrated the life of their loved one while they are alive.

Quite often these are held when a loved one is terminally ill.

Why not arrange a Celebration of your life together with those family and friends who all mean so much to you?

My Life Story

Celebrate the story of your life on video in your own words and with your photos. This is the ultimate legacy gift for all your family – a 45-minute video.

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Your pre-paid Funeral Plan

Have you considered the benefits of a Pre-paid Funeral Plan?

  • Saving your family worry – When your life comes to a close, knowing that the funeral is paid for will be one less stress for your family to have to deal with.
  • Saving your family money – By arranging your plan well in advance of your death, the cost will be much lower. With the average cost of funerals currently at around £4,500, paying in instalments in advance might cost only £3,500 – saving your estate £1,000. Funeral costs are increasing much faster than inflation. At the current rate of growth, the average funeral could cost upwards of £15,000!
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Celebration of Life

  • The star of the day
    The event could be held in a variety of circumstances.

It could be that you or your family want to come together and celebrate a significant birthday in a special way.  Giving them a chance to thank you for what you have done for them throughout their lives. How you brought them up and the values you have given them. It gives them the chance to say thank you to you and say what they want to say to you while you are alive.

It could be you’re nearing the end of your life, suffering from a terminal illness. Or perhaps, you’re in the early stages of a degenerative mental condition, such as dementia.

Either way, wouldn’t it be good to celebrate your life with loved ones while you’re still able to enjoy the occasion? Whatever the circumstances, whatever the scale of the event, one thing’s for sure – you will be the star of the day.

A truly individual celebration
This can be a religious or non-religious event. It can be organised by you or by your family. And of course, you can invite as many family and friends as you wish.

A Celebration of Life is completely personal and be casual or a formal affair. It’s a party with everyone you love. It’s up to you and your family to decide on the venue and the order of events. You can include features which are often part of a traditional funeral, such as a eulogy. You may wish to give a speech, or others might wish to. Some might want to read their favourite poems, serve their favourite food, play their favourite music.

Of course, you can include a memory table of photographs, and you may also wish to have a letterbox to post final wishes. 

We call it the greatest party of your life!

How does a Celebration of Life work?
We’ll guide you through the planning process with a series of questionnaires. On the day we’ll host the event for you, like a ‘This is Your Life’, with –

  • Stories and tales being told by loved ones and friends of times together.
  • Music that has meant something to you through your life being played.
  • Poems and readings.
  • Personal Tributes.
  • Photos or PowerPoint presentations.
  • Personal ‘goodbyes’.
  • Make a speech.
  • Hand out messages that you have found hard to say in life, asking loved ones not to be open till after you’ve gone.
  • Enjoy your favourite meal.

Enjoy this special time together with those you love.

Costs – £480.00

Leave a truly wonderful legacy gift – have your Celebration of Life event professionally videoed, so generation will remember you forever. 

Please Note – there is an additional cost for this service.

Fee includes –

  • Video technician
  • Professional camera rig
  • Lighting
  • PA system if required
  • Editing

Book today – for more information call 01234 413030.

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Your pre-paid Funeral Plan

Will my money be safe in a Funeral Plan?
Yes – we’ll invest your money in a trust fund. It will be ring-fenced to pay for your funeral. The money will always be yours – not ours.

What are my instalment options?
Pay for your Funeral Plan over periods from 1 to 25 years * (as long as it’s paid in full by your 85th birthday).

How easy is it to arrange a plan?
Very easy. You can have a face-to-face meeting or a video/phone call. An experienced consultant will take you through the options and complete the paperwork with you.

*There will be extra charges if you spread the cost over more than 12 months

We work closely with a company with a reputation for integrity and a sensitive, helpful approach.Save your family the worry and stress of paying for your funeral. Help to ease their pain. Make a plan.